Need Health Insurance

Do You Need Health Insurance?

No matter what age you are or how healthy you are, having health insurance is the most important thing you can have and do for yourself. Unfortunately, health insurance can easily get overlooked if your employer does not provide it or you’re just entering adulthood.

Below are some reasons why everyone should have health insurance, regardless of age or state of health. Knowing you have health insurance is having peace of mind when dealing with health issues or emergencies. Hospital visits, ambulances, and emergency room visits can cost a lot out of pocket, which is why health insurance is such a benefit to add to your life.

The Health Insurance Marketplace is also a great way to start your journey with health insurance if you want more guidance. 

Health Insurance Covers Costs

Almost everyone can start benefiting from health insurance immediately, which is why it’s such an essential part of your life. Health insurance covers things like regular check-ups, office visits, prescription drugs, and often hospital bills. No matter what health insurance plan you have, you’ll be paying an amount that is way less than if you didn’t. Health insurance is important when it comes to emergencies, too. Whether a broken arm from a car accident or a sudden illness that lands you in the emergency room, your health insurance will help cover the hospital bills. Health insurance is great for emergencies because you never know what could happen. 

Health Insurance Keeps You Healthy

Many Americans postpone setting up their health insurance because of the cost, which in the end, can end up costing them more in the long run. Having adequate health insurance means getting yearly check-ups and possibly catching an illness early on. If you wait too long because you don’t want to pay health insurance premiums and are diagnosed with a serious disease, you might pay more than you ever would if you had health insurance to help pay for those preventative doctor visits. 

Another reason some people don’t think they need health insurance is because they deem themselves, healthy individuals. Even if you are, there can be a lot of underlying issues that might not be visible to the human eye. Having health insurance can keep you healthy both physically and mentally. 

Where To Start Your Health Insurance Journey

Looking for health insurance can be intimidating, which is why the Health Insurance Marketplace is a great place to start. This is a way to shop around for the best plan on your own and compare prices. Every plan has to cover the same things, so many differences will be based on your state or income. Pre-existing health conditions, preventative services, and essential benefits are all covered in these plans. People who are eligible for the marketplace must be living in the United States, must be U.S. citizens, and cannot be in prison.  

As stated above, your plan is based on your income, and you’ll either enroll in a plan with tax credits or get coverage through Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Everyone must apply and enroll by December 15th to start receiving benefits for the new year. 

Overwhelmed and Still Need Guidance with Health Insurance?

Don’t worry! I know how stressful health insurance can be, which is why I am here to help. Looking at the marketplace is a great way to research, but if you need more questions answered, I’m happy to help. I have years of experience and will help you get the perfect plan for your needs. Contact me today for more information.