Why Buy Individual/Family Health Insurance? 

Medical Insurance plans are offered to individuals or families as health insurance options.

In-Patient/Out-Patient Services may include:

In-patient care services include hospitalization, pro-longed in-treatment care for substance abuse, mental health, or a sustained injury. Out-patient care services consist of doctor appointments, community organizations, physical therapy, group support therapy, and out-patient surgery.

The most common types of healthcare: 

Individual/Family Health Insurance Plans include Health Maintenance Insurance (HMO), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO), Exclusive Provider Organizations (EPO) and Point-of-Service (POS).

HMO – Health Maintenance Insurance 

It is required that an in-network, primary care provider refer you to an in-network specialist if specialized services are needed.

PPO – Preferred Provider Organizations

Persons enrolled in Preferred Provider Organizations pay half of their costs through copayments, deductibles, and coinsurance, and your provider pays for remaining costs. Choosing a doctor within the preferred network allows for a fixed copayment and discounts. Non-network providers are not as restricted as other plan options. If you find yourself in need of services outside of in-network providers, your PPO coverage takes care of it.

Preferred Provider Organizations enrolled in Medicare coverage fall under two categories. The first is Regional, which includes a single state or multiple state coverage within your network of health service providers. The other is Local service providers: which include single or multiple counties instead of state-wide options. 

Other insurance plans include Exclusive Provider Organizations and Point-of-Service Insurance plans. 

Individual/Family Health Insurance Enrollment

People have experienced simpler and cost-efficient health care through private insurance companies such as Rob Edgar Insurance. Call us today and we can guide you through the enrollment process. If you are interested in learning more about the Affordable Care Act and policy information, we have provided links to other resources below.

About the Affordable Care Act

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