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Savannah Health Insurance: Medicare and the Marketplace

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The Health Insurance Marketplace, also called the “Marketplace” or “Exchange,” is designed for people who don’t have health coverage. There are various health care plans available under the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as “Obamacare.” Shopping the health insurance marketplace in the Savannah area can be overwhelming—I can help answer any of your questions.


Medicare is a government-sponsored medical insurance program in the United States. Understanding Medicare and your options has become increasingly more complicated over the years. Learn more about Medicare Eligibility and Enrollment in Georgia here

Medicare and the Marketplace are separate, and the Marketplace doesn’t offer Medicare plans. Medicare offers federally sponsored health care, while the Marketplace offers coverage through private insurers. I can help you discover the best, most affordable option for you.

Medicare and the Marketplace

  • Employer-Sponsored Marketplace Plans: If you have a Marketplace plan through your employer, you can maintain your employer-sponsored plan and delay Medicare Part B enrollment. You’d typically have to pay a fee for late enrollment. Losing employer health care upon retirement, however, grants you a special enrollment period.
  • Individual Marketplace Plans: If you have an individual Marketplace plan, but you’ll qualify for Medicare coverage soon, you can cancel your Marketplace plan as soon as you’ve enrolled in Medicare. Don’t cancel it until your new Medicare coverage begins, though. You don’t want to risk getting a fine for lack of coverage or incurring medical bills during a gap period between policies. There’s no charge for canceling your Marketplace plan when you choose a Medicare plan.

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