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What You Need To Know About Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Hospital Indemnity Insurance: What You Need to Know

A lengthy hospital stay can lead to unexpected medical expenses, even with comprehensive medical insurance. Hospital indemnity insurance supplements your existing health insurance coverage by helping pay expenses for hospital stays.  

Supplemental insurance policies, like hospital indemnity, are designed to fit your budget and bridge the gaps when you are sick or injured to help protect your financial security. If you have questions and need answers or just want more information, feel free to call me at (912) 660-5236 to set up a no-cost, no-obligation appointment.

In this blog, you will discover what you need to know about hospital indemnity insurance. We will cover:

  • Hospital indemnity insurance Defined
  • How does hospital indemnity insurance work?
  • Is hospital indemnity insurance worth it?

Hospital Indemnity Insurance Defined

Hospital indemnity insurance is supplemental medical insurance coverage that can help cover expenses for hospital admissions that other insurance plans might not cover.

How does hospital indemnity insurance work?

This form of supplemental insurance pays cash benefits directly to you or your assignee for covered expenses related to a hospital stay. 

After submitting a claim form and the receipts for services rendered, you will receive a lump-sum payment, as described in your policy. As with other supplemental insurance plans, you or your appointee can use the cash for whatever you choose—pay insurance deductibles, mortgage payments or other family expenses. It’s your money, your decision.

Is hospital indemnity insurance worth it?

Hospital indemnity insurance is typically lower in cost, depending on the plan and coverage, like many supplemental insurance plans. Affordable hospital indemnity plans are worth considering if your existing health insurance plan has limits on hospitalization coverage.

If you are starting a family, a hospitalization indemnity plan can help cover the costs of hospital childbirth and post-childbirth hospital stays. Also, as you become older, the potential for hospitalization may increase. A hospital indemnity plan offers peace-of-mind protection for the unexpected.

Protect Your Financial Security With Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Medical plans don’t cover every dollar of your hospital costs (like deductibles, copays, etc.). Supplemental insurance and health insurance together can help you plan for the unplanned.

I can help you select a hospital indemnity plan that complements your current health insurance coverage and provides essential protection for you and your family. Call (912) 660-5236 or go online to schedule your appointment today.